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About Google Flights
Google Fights is an online flight booking search engine which helps you in identifying the minimum airfare provided by the different airlines. The service is a well-organized approach to compare the airfares of several flights and select a suitable one for you. Google Flights is an efficient money saving service offering cheap flight tickets to you. Not only that, the service suggests you a few worthy tips through which you can identify a cheaper flight ticket. It has a notification service that alerts you whenever the airfare drops. The intelligent search engine also informs you about the validity of the current airfare. If you are booking a flight ticket for the first time then Google Flights will assist you in that too. It also displays the airfare on the provided calendar for upcoming dates. The frequent use of the service will expose you to the notifications of the upcoming blogs by Google Fights. For the convenienceof the customers, Google Flights has launched a mobile application through which you can easily get the airfare than on the online website,

Google Flights New Look

Visit Google Flights for the new interface, after this, click on the Try Now” button on the right-hand column. At first, you won’t be able to see many changes. The first page is limited to the previous options like select your origin, destination, date of travelling, class of service, number of passengers, and date of return. Besides that, you will also get the option of exploring the map with the help of the Explore map” button. Once, you are redirected to the next page, you will witness a major simplicity in the user interface of the website. You will also find a newly designed Flight insights bar at the top. The Flight insights bar consists of dates, price graph, airports, and tips. All of these will help in refining your search and help you to find the best flight ticket.

Google Flight Tickets Booking

It is now easy and simple to book flight tickets online. Once you locate the best flight for you, follow these steps to book a flight ticket through Google Flights.
* You can either choose to book the ticket from the airline’s website (any online agency) or you can choose Book on Google”. Through the Book on Google” option, you can complete the transaction without even leaving the Google page.
* After you book the ticket, confirm your booking with the airline.
While finding an optimal flight fare, you can choose options between round-trip, one way, and multi-city.

Benefits of Google Flights

If we take a closer look at the Google Flights, it is having a direct face-off with several popular travel booking search websites and numerous travel agents. But, Google Flights can easily take on every already established competitor with the given benefits.
  1. Instant Response
Unlike a few other flight booking sites, you don’t have to either register or login to check the airfare. Just enter your source location, destination, and departure date. You also have the option to enter the return date. If you want to see the updated airfare for some other day then you can just click on the left/right arrows provided on the date selector. The data will get updated instantaneously.
  1. Take That Tip
Google Flights suggest you about the cheapest flight ticket too. So, if you are not in a hurry to reach your destination or if you are not someone who is stuck with a tight schedule then you can take that tip. It is not only a money saving tip for you but it also saves time. The Google Flights’ tip will display the lowest price and the date to travel.
  1. Check The Price Graph
The flight booking search engine offers you the price graph. With the help of this price graph, you can easily compare the flight fare and choose the cheap flights within the time period you have provided. For an instance, if you are looking for the lowest-priced flights within a span of 30 days then you can just type in the number of days and the Google Flights will do rest of the things for you.
  1. Track Price
You can switch for price alert to get the notifications of change if there is any price change. You will get the notifications through your email. For activate this service, you just need to switch on the Track Prices” option.
  1. Interesting Calendar Feature
Now, if you are someone who’s not restricted to the traveling date then you can click on the calendar icon. Any search with flexible dates offers you an option of clicking on the calendar icon and see all the dates with the current flight tickets (cheapest of all the current airfares).
  1. Your Interests Will Help You Select Your Destination
Google Flights has kept itself interesting and simple throughout. Now, if you are someone who likes to travel a lot but you are confused regarding the selection of your destination then Google Flights can help you. You just need to click on the Interests” tab and based on that, the Google Flights will find the best locations for you.

How Did It Come Into Existence?

When Google launched Google Flights, it appeared as a competitor for Hopper. Hopper is a widespread mobile application which helps you to identify the low-priced flights to your desired destination. The only drawback of Hopper is that its services are limited to mobile application only. This is where the Google comes into the picture. Google Flights began with its online site and it took over the Internet with its widespread wings. Google Flights is having an easy graphic user interface and it is really convenient to search on it. The previously recorded data of Google Flights can also estimate the drop in airfare.
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